About us

We like to think of ourselves as revolutionaries. After all, we’re here to break molds and deliver on experiences you’ll never forget. All of us here at StageWood are dedicated to creating the moments that stay with you forever.

Our Mission

StageWood Events aims to collaborate and create reliable entertainment events by gathering artists, event producers, and fans in a virtual network that Integrates the security of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Our Events

Fans will enjoy these types of events provided by Stagewood Events:
* Entertainment Events 

* Sporting Events 

* Cofresi Music Festival of the Arts 

* & more

Crowdfunding Events

All kind of entertainment events can be produced within Tyket, some of which include: live music performances, theatre, visual art expositions, culinary art events, and so on.

The AI tech within our system will allow us to identify events with significant potential for success; generating crowdfunding suggestions for Fans, Artists, and Producers.

Fans involved with the crowdfunded event get rewarded with a VIP experience. 
Fans that engage with and are part of a crowdfunded event receive rewards that often come in VIP experiences or Tokens—which can be used when purchasing tickets on our platform. Producers are also able to crowdfund events if they’re looking for a little more help, exposure, or funding for a dream project of theirs. By doing so, they are able to create lasting experiences for the Fans.